Grenada is the ‘Spice Isle’ of the Caribbean; a geographical gem where visitors can sink into the serenity of warm breezes and soft moonlight; feel history in centuries old forts; touch the floor of the rain forest and swim among coral reefs.

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Cayman Islands

Three tiny islands make up the British Overseas Territory of the Cayman Islands, balanced precariously one side of the enormous Cayman Trench, the deepest part of the Caribbean.

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Bonair is one of the most visited Caribbean islands for snorkeling and scuba diving.  It has beautiful beaches, fun shops and steady trade winds which keep the beaches comfortable.

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Antigua has an amazing 365 beaches, all of them extremely stunning. It is also home to Nelsons Dockyard, one of the worlds largest dockyards still in operation.  You will find Antigua’s harbors filled with yachts of all sizes. I guess you could say with 365 beaches if you were lucky enough to be there that long, you could hit a different beach everyday of the year.

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St Lucia

St. Lucia seems like an island plucked from the South Pacific and set down in the Caribbean. Its dramatic twin coastal peaks, the Pitons, soar 2,000 feet up from the sea overlooking a rain forest where wild orchids, giant ferns, and birds of paradise flourish. Brilliantly-plumed tropical birds abound, it is truly a tropical paradise. The rainforest is broken only by fields  of banana, coconut, mango, and papaya trees.

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St Barthelemy

What can you say about St Barths, well, it is a celebrity hangout, famous for its high end shopping, yachts,topless beaches and of course it is a French Island in the Caribbean.

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