Parintins, Brazil

Parintins is famous for its Boi Bumba celebration in June. It is the largest celebration in Brazil after the Carnival in Rio. The Boi Bumba is a samba competition between several teams representing either the blue or the red groups.   We seen an hour show with highlights.

More Parintins Photos


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  1. Hello. Thanks for visiting my blog. I have been wanting to comment here before but I just had a chance to do this right now. I really like this blog. Very entertaining as well as informative and its very inspiring! You and your wife have inspired me to travel a lot more ( the traveling I did will NEVER compared to your round the world adventure ). My dream is to travel the world like the both of you did. I guess I have a lot more learning and saving up to do to achieve what both of you has done. Thank you for sharing your adventures 🙂

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